My Story

Hello Pet Parents and Animal Lovers!

My name is Kassy and I am the operator of Amor4Paws In-Home Pet Care. My entire life, I have been surrounded by and extremely experienced with countless animals. Using the knowledge and personal experience that I have gained along the path of earning my degree in Business Entrepreneurship. To further my knowledge and understanding, I took courses in Animal Psychology, Pet Sitting, Animal Care and Safety. I then decided to start this small business venture. My passion for animals has always been a huge part of me and my life. I am an experienced Pet Parent throughout the course of my life and a Professional Pet Sitter for over 7 years. I understand what proper and attentive care means to you for your pets. I give my all to my pets and I couldn’t imagine doing it any differently for yours! Your pets are my pets. I can assure you to provide the best and most reliable care for your beloved fur babies. I am here to keep them safe, happy, and provide the love and attention they deserve.  

 Why Choose Amor4Paws?

 Individualized Care 
 Your pets have a constant companion by having us stay in your home with them. They are not alone for extensive periods of timehave plenty of one-on-one timeexercise and human interaction 
 No Transportation Stress 
We come to your pet. No need to worry about certain drop off or pick up times because your pet does not leave their comfort place.. home! The anxiety of the drive and an unfamiliar, loud, environment is avoided by staying at home, where your pet is most comfortable.   
Keep to Daily Routine
Staying at home ensures their daily routine! Which includes normal feeding and walk times, potty schedules, and more. While keeping to their routine, they will continue to eat normally and feel more relaxed and happy during your time away.  
Cater to Special Needs and Requests  
We cater to your exact needs of you and your pets. If your pet needs medications, it is guaranteed they will be receiving those when needed. 
It’s All About Your Pet 
 We will accommodate as needed for your pets! If your pet is high energy, they will get that extra exercise, mental stimulation, and play time they need. If they are senior dogs, more relaxed, or of lower energy, they will get extra cuddle time, love, and attention. Ultimately, we are here to cater and customize each experience of every pet while making sure they are comfortable and happy.