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Pet Transportation

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Why would you need a Pet Taxi service?

Veterinarians and groomers are mostly open on weekdays, so how do you find time to get your pets in for their appointments while you are working?

This service works like this. We come and pick up your pet from your home. We safely and securely transport them to their appointment. By safe and secure, meaning cats are transported safely in their cat kennel, and secured in the vehicle. Dogs are either transported in a dog kennel, or they are secured in the vehicle by a harness and strapped into the seat belt. Your pet's safety is our main concern. 

At the appointment, we can either wait with them during the appointment or drop them off and return when their appointment is finished. If we drop them off, time stops running until we come back. If we must wait for them during the appointment, time will keep running. Again, we securely transport your pets back home. We get them back inside your house, make sure they are comfortable and have water, and we secure your house when we leave. Time stops when we leave.

Other taxi services include drop off/pick up from daycare, buying pet food or supplies for the owner, weddings or other special events, etc.
 *One hour charged minimum*

Your trip IS NOT confirmed or booked until we give you a quote. We will send you a quote ASAP based on the date and time of your trip. Please be patient with us, as we do our best to respond the same day.  At that time you can decide to keep or cancel your appointment once we send you back a quote. Thank you.

Usually 24 hour notice is required. 48-60 hour or more notice is preferred. Due to traffic and weather conditions, any individual arrival time may vary. During holidays and summer weekends, book early!

Why choose us?
Personal Home Care

We've dedicated our lives to caring for animals and love doing it. We come to your home to care for your pet(s) where they feel most safe, comfortable and happy.

Reliable and Loving

Taking care of your pets is like caring for our own. When you schedule with us, you can count on your pet enjoying our time together. Guaranteed peace of mind and stress free. 

We love all pets
Cats, Rabbits, Reptiles and more

Our years of experience includes caring for multiple types of pets such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, birds and many other small animals. Furthermore, we also care for exotic pets and farm animals too!

Taking care of pet + home
Light Housekeeping

We understand life is busy and clients like to have a tidy and clean home. Therefore, we've added light housecleaning to our packages to make your life easier. 

Taking Care of What Matters Most

This includes play time, feeding, potty breaks, getting outdoors, plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, affection and much more. Your pets are our pets! Our 5 years of business experience comes with high reviews and close relationships with our clients.